Top 5 Ted Talks in Health Care

One of the biggest things future or current health care administrators can do is learn more and more daily.  One of the best ways to learn something new, or to view something from a different perspective is to watch it.  Think about it.  On average we spend 151 hours per month watching television.  Hopefully, some of us can reduce that amount or at the very least ensure that we are learning something.  In this post, we wanted to highlight the Top 5 Ted Talks in Health Care.  If you did not know, the Ted Conference is one of the biggest conferences worldwide in which speakers discuss unique ideas.  Hopefully this list will help you learn a few more perspectives about our healthcare system.

Top 5 Ted Talks in Health Care

Rebecca Onie: What if our healthcare system kept us healthy?

Rebecca Onie asks audacious questions: What if waiting rooms were a place to improve daily health care? What if doctors could prescribe food, housing and heat in the winter? At TEDMED she describes Health Leads, an organization that does just that — and does it by building a volunteer base as elite and dedicated as a college sports team.

Ernest Madu on world-class health care

Dr. Ernest Madu runs the Heart Institute of the Caribbean in Kingston, Jamaica, where he proves that — with careful design, smart technical choices, and a true desire to serve — it’s possible to offer world-class healthcare in the developing world.

Eric Dishman: Take health care off the mainframe

At TEDMED, Eric Dishman makes a bold argument: The US health care system is like computing circa 1959, tethered to big, unwieldy central systems: hospitals, doctors, nursing homes. As our aging population booms, it’s imperative, he says, to create personal, networked, home-based health care for all.

Ivan Oransky: Are we over-medicalized?

Reuters health editor Ivan Oransky warns that we’re suffering from an epidemic of preposterous preconditions — pre-diabetes, pre-cancer, and many more. In this engaging talk from TEDMED he shows how health care can find a solution… by taking an important lesson from baseball.

Eric Topol: The wireless future of medicine

Eric Topol says we’ll soon use our smartphones to monitor our vital signs and chronic conditions. At TEDMED, he highlights several of the most important wireless devices in medicine’s future — all helping to keep more of us out of hospital beds.

Hopefully you have enjoyed our list of the Top 5 Ted Talks in Health Care.  If you are interested in Health Care Administration Careers, or learning about Degree Programs, then please search through MHA Guide as we are the largest site devoted strictly to Careers in Health Administration.


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