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Top 25 Healthcare Management Degrees

U.S. News and World Report

U.S. News and World Report (Photo credit: afagen)

The top 25 healthcare management degrees is a list we wanted to make sure all of our readers had.  Healthcare administration is growing, and it is best to stay on top of these rankings.  These rankings come from US News and are considered a decent indicator of the quality of a program.  Nevertheless, we should remind you that this list is simply based on surveys.  Unfortunately this does gauge something, however it might just be something else to analyze when looking into healthcare management degrees.

  1. University of Michigan
  2. University of Minnesota
  3. University of North Carolina
  4. University of Pennsylvania
  5. University of Alabama
  6. Virginia Commonwealth University
  7. Northwestern University
  8. University of Washington
  9. Rush University
  10. St. Louis University
  11. Boston University
  12. Johns Hopkins University
  13. Baylor University
  14. Columbia University
  15. Cornell University
  16. Ohio State University
  17. Trinity University
  18. UCLA
  19. University of Iowa
  20. Yale University
  21. George Washington University
  22. New York University
  23. University of Missouri
  24. Temple University
  25. Arizona State University
The interesting part of this list is that many of these programs are MBA programs with a healthcare focus.  Not a bad list though.  Obviously these include links to their respective pages on our website.  If they do not contain links, then we currently do not have a page for them yet.  No worries, we will be adding a whole new batch of great MHA degree programs in the next few weeks.  For now, feel free to browse through our healthcare administration directory for your searching needs!


For more information: US News

March 7, 2012


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