Arizona State MBA

Arizona State University

Arizona State University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Type of Degree

MBA in Healthcare Administration

Type of Program


General University Information

Arizona State University (ASU or Arizona State) is a public research university located in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area of the State of Arizona. With a 2011 enrollment of 72,254, it is the largest public university in the United States by enrollment.

Program Description

The W. P. Carey Full-time MBA offers the best of both worlds: personal service and the camaraderie of a tight-knit community, as well as access to the opportunities and prestige associated with one of the largest business schools in the United States.

Throughout our business MBA programs, small and cohesive classes provide for individual learning, close faculty interaction and an intense sense of community. During the two-year MBA program, you will experience a core business curriculum, industry-leading career course, a summer internship and in-depth specialization as you transform yourself into one of tomorrow’s business leaders during your experience at one of the top business schools in the country.


Admission Requirements

Exemplary interview

Years of professional work experience consistent with class averages

An undergraduate GPA near the class average
Previous coursework in business or business-related disciplines such as accounting, economics, finance or statistics
A TOEFL score above 100 (iBT)
A GMAT score near or above the class average




Tempe, AZ or Online Nationwide

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