MBA MHA Dual Degree Programs

The MBA MHA Dual Degree is an excellent degree to get you started as a hospital administrator.  In hospital systems or healthcare organizations, the organization depends on people that can not only manage but understand the business aspect of healthcare.  This dual degree program will help you further your career in healthcare management or start a career in healthcare administration.

Above all, this is a great combination degree for people interested in healthcare but also want to maintain the ability to get involved with other career paths such as insurance and life science companies.  This article will highlight the benefits of this dual degree and what you can expect.

What is the Coursework?

The coursework might vary from program to program, however you can expect a full curriculum from both the MHA Degree and the MBA Degree.  Here is a list of courses that you can expect from both programs.

  • MHA
    • Statistical Methods for Health Services
    • Management Science for Health Services Administration
    • Marketing for Health Services Delivery
    • Healthcare Information Systems
  • MBA
    • Management Accounting Information for Decision Making
    • Developing Strategic Capabilities
    • Financial Management
    • Microeconomics for Managers

These are the typical course you might see with the MHA MBA Dual Degree, however individual programs may have different requirements.  Please feel free to check our directory for information on individual programs.

How Long Does the Degree Take?

Typically MHA Degree programs take 2 to 3 years depending on whether a fellowship or internship is involved with the program.  An MBA Degree typically takes 2 years, however there are some that can be finished in 1 year.  Both degrees together will take only 3 years.  In fact, after reviewing over 20 different programs, we found none that took longer than 3 years.  By doing both degrees at the same time, you will save time and money.  You can save 1 year of tuition if you chose to later pursue one of these degrees separately.

Is the Dual Degree Necessary?

This is really a personal choice, however we do have a few thoughts on whether it is necessary.  First, if you cannot find an excellent healthcare MBA program then this might be a great option.  For example, a business school you got into does not have a healthcare focus but the school offers a dual degree.  If so, the MHA coursework will help you understand the healthcare industry much better.  Second, if you are interested in working in a corporate environment that is not a hospital but is in the healthcare field.  For example, you are interested in working for a pharmaceutical company or even a for-profit hospital system.  Often an MBA will provide you with a solid business base but the MHA will enhance your skills by understanding how healthcare works in the United States.

Finally, if you want to be extremely prepared for whatever specific position you take in healthcare.  For example, the MHA alone will provide a window for you to work in a hospital.  The MBA will provide a window for you to work in a corporate setting.  By having both you are now prepared for anything that comes your way.  Ultimately it is your choice but we do believe this dual degree is extremely beneficial.

What Types of Jobs are Available for the MBA MHA?

Anything is ultimately the answer, however we have put together a list of real positions that MBA MHA degree graduates have received once they finished their programs.

  • Business Manager – Children’s Hospital
  • Health Plan President – Health Insurance Company
  • Marketing Manager – Pharmaceutical Company
  • Business Analyst – Medical Device Company

Although we could list hundreds more, the point is that this dual degree will truly provide you with the most options if you are unsure of whether you want to be in a hospital or not.

What are Some Great MBA MHA Programs?

These are only a few suggested programs, if you want to look for more please search our MHA Degree Directory.

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