How Much Does a Health Administrator Make

The salary of a healthcare administrator can be extremely high, however the salary entirely depends on the position the person holds.  Healthcare managers do not perform the same functions but rather work in various areas.  Knowing what area you might have an interest in will provide you with better knowledge regarding your potential salary.  Nevertheless, for this article we will focus on trying to provide you with various salaries for various positions in healthcare management.  This ultimately will make it easier to understand your worth.  Here, we try to answer the key question: How much does a health administrator make?


Most healthcare administration students have thought about fellowships, however there are not a huge amount of them available.  Nevertheless, they can be a great tool to use when figuring out your own salary.  Fellowships are general in that the position requires the person to work in multiple departments.  Knowing this, the salaries of fellowships can provide you with the base compensation you should receive in any position.  The thought is that fellowships do not pay the greatest, however it might be the lowest amount your degree is worth salary wise.

According to a 2010 survey, fellows received a salary of $50,000 per year.  This is a good gauge in that unless you are in a government position, this should be the lowest salary you might receive once you have graduated from a MHA degree program.  Bear in mind that factors such as experience and skill do mean a lot so try to be honest with the level of skill and experience you have.

Practice Managers

This is one area where the salary van vary from $50,000 to over $100,000 and ultimately it depends on whether the practice is affiliated with a hospital and how many physicians the practice has.  For small practices, $56,000 appears to be the average while in practices of 7 or more physicians the salary jumps to $77,000 per year.  This assumes a general family practice rather than a specific specialty clinic.

Imaging and Radiology Managers

This is another popular area considering how many outpatient centers are available both in hospitals and corporate organizations.  Nevertheless, often these positions require some working knowledge of imaging and radiology and perhaps a previous career as a technician in the field.  Nevertheless, the average salary is $93,000.

Admissions Director

The Admissions Director normally is the person who deals with and manages all the issues related to admitting patients.  In a sense, your department is the first point of contact for most patients in hospitals.  These positions are extremely important in hospitals but are also used in larger physician practices.  The average salary is $85,000.

Medical Records Director

Obviously, this position deals strictly with all patient medical records.  Knowing the amount of compliance and privacy needed for these records, this position is ultimately one of the most important in any healthcare facility.  Currently, the average salary is $102,000 per year.

We will be continuing to review specific occupations on our site to help you understand where you might fit in within a healthcare organization.  Please keep in mind that experience is ultimately the most important tool you will have but an MHA degree can provide you with the extra push to gain one of these management positions.  As always, please feel free to search our degree directory!

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