Health Administration Job Description

health administration job descriptionHealth administration is a varying field and a demanding career path, however a health administration job description can be summed up in various ways. First, you have to understand that the field can lead you in a number of different directions. This includes medical devices, hospitals, insurance companies, government, pharmaceuticals, and many others. When trying to understand a health administration job description, you should keep this variation in mind.

Nevertheless, here at MHA Guide we love to provide meaningful information for anyone interested in health administration or health services administration, therefore we thought we would list some necessary tools required for administrators. Now, this might not be required for all positions in health administration, but if you follow this path, you will surely be in the right place.

Health Administration Job Description

High School Degree
Bachelor’s Degree (Can be in anything. Normally a science or health care discipline is not required, nor a business background)
Master’s Degree (This would include a master’s of health administration, master’s of business administration, or a master’s in health services administration) See our list of health administration degree programs here!

Experience in health administration is by far the toughest part. It is normally a question of the chicken or the egg. If you are in an undergraduate program in health administration, you have likely been involved with health administration internships. However, if you are starting a health administration degree in graduate school, you may not have had the opportunity. The best places to look are local hospitals, practices, or research institutes. Overall, experience is required in most health administration job descriptions.

Knowing this, you need to do your best to search for those opportunities to give you hands on experience. A health administration degree will provide you with great tools, however just because you know how to do something does not mean you can do it efficiently. When looking for jobs, highlight your strengths and attempt to get as much experience as possible.

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