Entry Level Jobs in Health Administration

Individuals who have recently completed a bachelor’s degree in health and administration want to get their feet on the health care management practice door. Students who are also in the process of choosing their career paths want to know what the best direction is for them to go to. They want to be certain that a career and a degree in the health administration is the best for them. However, a lot of individuals today are finding it hard to break into the healthcare industry. So, what are the entry level careers available today in health administration?

Healthcare administrators are considered leaders. They are the head of hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies and physician group practices. They are responsible for the staff, facilities, budget, services, relations with other organizations and other management aspects. Suffice it to say that their job is not that easy, there is always pressure. People employed in entry-level positions are in the 10th percentile of wage earners. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they earn a gross of at least $40,000 annually. Applicants with related work experience can earn more money.

Where to Find Entry-Level Work?

Healthcare administrators work both in the private and public sector. They can work for pharmaceutical companies, consulting firms, companies which make medical supplies and equipments, as well as health insurance providers. There is an expansive area for healthcare management careers. The best paying states for entry level careers are Washington and Massachusetts. According to BLS reports, Washington pays a mean salary of $109,000 and Massachusetts pays a mean salary of $112,670. Currently, the best opportunities for employment are in the state of California. They have more than 27,000 jobs in the entry level of health administration.

Qualifications for Entry Level Careers

A four-year college degree is basically enough for most health care industries, especially for people seeking entry-level jobs, however, most individuals often study further and earn graduate degrees. A Masters of Health Administration degree is a standard in the industry. There are various areas to choose from when thinking about getting a master’s degree. Some people even earn doctoral degrees, as well as get a license or a certification.  A lot of graduates today help shape the country’s healthcare policies by pursuing work careers with the state, local and federal agencies. A few examples of such industries are the Food and Drug Administration and Medicaid Services.

Healthcare Administration Jobs

Entry-level administration jobs include administrative positions such as insurance company administrative; marketing assistants and operating assistants. Those who have earned MHA and advances healthcare management degrees may obtain jobs as managers and supervisors in clinics, physician’s offices and public health agencies.

Getting Your Degree

Bachelor’s degrees provide people with initial education for careers in health services management. There is a list of undergraduate programs which are certified by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration. Degrees can be obtained through local universities and colleges, as well as online. Online programs have become very popular today and several accredited programs such as an online MHA degree,  and healthcare management degrees.

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