Careers in Long Term Care

Long Term Care Careers

Unfortunately, the majority of us will need some kind of assistance as we reach advanced age. There are many kinds of places that assist seniors that require varying degrees of intervention and long term care. If you combine long term care facilities with a rapidly aging population, you will notice that there are many long term care careers options and facilities that need employees. Below is a list of the top long term care careers that need people right now.

Long Term Care Careers

Nursing Home Administrator. This highly regulated segment has a high turnover rate so there are always positions needed to be filled. A large part of this career entails managing expectations between families, residents, doctors and ensuring that state and federal regulations are followed. People have lost a lot of faith in nursing home care, but you can help change the public’s perception of the quality of nursing home care.

Home Health Aid. Home health care is an alternative to a nursing home, particularly for hospice patients or patients recovering from an injury. Ideal candidates require a caring and generous heart because they will deal with death, teach and support the primary caregiver and help families manage their loved ones’ last days on a larger scale.

Assisted Living Facilities. Assisted living facilities typically have disabled or elderly residents that have quite a bit of independence, but require a help with day-to-day tasks. Assisted living facilities are governed by the state, thus employment requirements for the job vary depending on the state in which you find employment.

Senior Living. Employees working at a senior living facility need to be detail-oriented and a people pleaser. This is because senior living facilities may house independent seniors that require very little help on a daily basis to older seniors that many have cognitive issues and require a more medical intervention.

Required Traits

Long term care has taken a beating in the news the past few years and many people are skeptical about using certain factions of long term care for their loved ones. The occasional abuse case that pops up every now and then is not helping the cause, yet all is not lost. The most important factor a family uses to determine whether or not a facility is a good fit for their loved one is not a facility’s appearance (although that can be important), but the staff. Is the staff friendly, do they know the residents’ names, do they know the residents’ health issues and can sense when something is out of the ordinary and begin administering help immediately. It is not an easy job because many (if not all) of the facilities provide 24 hour service and require long shifts. However, if you are a people person and truly love and care about your patients, you will go far.

We can’t stress how fast the health care industry is growing. A large part of our population is aging rapidly and facilities can’t keep up the demand. Many long term care facilities are constantly searching for and hiring staff to help manage patients. To start searching for long term care careers, you will need an MHA Degree so start searching now.

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