Careers in Healthcare Administration

When talking about Careers in Healthcare Administration, many people only discuss the executives.  However, there are many different types of jobs you can get with an MHA Degree.  In this post, we will cover the Top 20 Administrative Positions in Hospitals.

Although some of these positions are executive level jobs, many of them are middle management positions highlighting that the opportunities outside of the executive staff are endless.  Nevertheless, always be aiming to be as successful as possible!  These positions will help you understand where many hospital executives began their careers.  We will make sure to discuss entry level positions in a later post as well.  Now, to the Top 20!

Top 20 Careers in Healthcare Administration

Now, this list includes the position and how many people are employed with that title.  This does not mean that in all hospital systems their title will be the same.  In addition, this list only includes hospital management positions and does not include healthcare administration careers in clinics, insurance companies, or physician practices.  Nevertheless this will provide you with some valuable insight into what Careers in Healthcare Administration there are out there.

  1. Director of Radiology Services 7,382
  2. Director of Emergency Room 6,918
  3. Director Patient Care/Nursing 6,229
  4. Director of Human Resources 5,795
  5. Director of Pharmacy Services 5,616
  6. Director of Medical Records 5,382
  7. Director of Surgery 5,367
  8. Director of Physical Therapy 5,354
  9. Director of Food Services 5,233
  10. Chief Financial Officer 5,205
  11. Dir of Engineering/Maintenance 5,123
  12. Dir Materials Mgmt/Purchasing 4,816
  13. Director of Laboratory Services 4,723
  14. Director of Respiratory Therapy 4,634
  15. Director of Infection Control 4,207
  16. Chief Executive Officer 4,134
  17. Director of Quality Improvement 3,719
  18. Director of Pathology Services 3,555
  19. Chief Information Officer 3,524
  20. Director of Environmental Svs 3,437

As you can see, there are many different positions outside the typical CFO or CEO job.  Remember, Healthcare Administration includes all of the business needs of a healthcare organization.  This includes specific clinical departments but also food services.  Some of these positions would require a clinical background while others such as Director of Environmental Services will not.  Nevertheless, these Careers in Healthcare Administration offer excellent job opportunities for someone willing to work hard.

We will be highlighting each of these career paths so you are more informed about these positions.  In addition, we will continue to discuss Health Services Administration Salary information for each of these positions.  Above all, remember that healthcare administration careers are growing and positions are appearing and changing everyday.  If you have an interest in a career in healthcare administration then please feel free to search our MHA Degree Directory or Online MHA Degree Directory.  Hopefully you enjoyed our post on Careers in Healthcare Administration.

Source: S K & A

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