Careers with a Health Administration Degree

Healthcare administration is a field in which there are significant job opportunities with different roles. Specifically, health administration allows you to work as a practice group manager, a compliance officer, a clinical administration leader, or even a CEO of a hospital or health system. In addition, healthcare administration as a field is becoming broader than it has been historically which ultimately allows job-seekers to work in various positions that historically might not of been available to healthcare administration graduates. Nevertheless, the one common issue is that all individuals interested in a health administration career should pursue a graduate degree in health administration such as an MHA degree or a healthcare MBA degree. If you are able to graduate with one of those graduate degrees, you will find that the opportunities in health administration are endless.

Clinical Health Care Service Fields

Often, when individuals are thinking about a career in healthcare administration the first thing that comes to mind is a career working with healthcare providers such as physicians, nurse practitioners, therapists, and other healthcare professionals. This may include working for a hospital system or a medical group, but the unifying factor is that you are working to support clinical care provided by healthcare professionals. Although this has been the historical go to position for healthcare administrators, even these roles are seeing broader job prospects as healthcare progresses. This expansion includes careers in long term care.

For example, historically MHA degree graduates would go on to become operational leaders within medical groups and health systems. Now however, MHA degree graduates might find themselves leading population health initiatives, quality initiatives, and even complex rules related to provider compensation. Gone are the days in which healthcare administration graduates are solely expected to understand the operational aspects of a healthcare professional or healthcare facilities business. Therefore, healthcare administration graduates should understand that although working in the healthcare facility or healthcare provider environment is always going to be an option, the opportunities in these areas continue to grow in more complex ways much like the healthcare industry itself.

Life Science Career Paths

The second highest area in which healthcare administration graduates go on to become employed are in the life science industries. Although many students might not think about this as an opportunity, these industries require individuals that have a unique understanding of the healthcare field since many of the life science industry clients are healthcare facilities and healthcare providers. Such life science industry companies might include medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies, and medical equipment companies. These organizations routinely provide support to the healthcare industry through the use of technological advancements and equipment.

Healthcare administration graduates can find themselves working in various roles within these organizations ranging from business development to strategic to finance. Specifically, healthcare administration graduates could find themselves working in a strategic role in which they are asked to develop plans to broaden the market of the company with healthcare facilities or healthcare providers. In addition, healthcare administration graduates could work in sales roles within these organizations. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that with these growing fields and the growing complexities of the healthcare industry, positions and career paths will be growing for health administration graduates.

Allied Health Care Fields

Although the two industries above are the predominant supplier of jobs for healthcare administration graduates, there is no doubt that there are growing industries outside of these fields. For example, the health insurance industry is growing at significant rates which is requiring graduates of healthcare administration programs to begin to participate in those fields as contractors, consultants, and employees. In addition, there are other fields such as compliance rolls, consulting roles, and even supply-chain management roles. Please think about all of these as you are continuing your search for jobs in the health administration field. Above all continue to analyze your career options and MHA degree programs as you continue your career path.

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