50 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Health Administration

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In case you haven’t heard, the health care market is booming. The job industry is growing so much that the industry is unable to fill positions. People that choose to work in health administration have a variety of positions to fill. From helping to eradicate diseases with a government agency to helping to create policy to improve patient care, people with a career in health administration can do it all. Health administrators are helping to shape the future of America and the globe’s health care. Health administrators must walk the line between the business world and the health world and since the population is aging quickly, the industry needs more and more health administrators in the field.

Did you know that health administrators can also play a part in preventing acts of terrorism? Do you remember a few years ago when anthrax was being sent through the mail? Well, people with public health administration assist the government when urgent health issues threaten the public’s health.

Still need more convincing? Just read on for 50 reasons you should pursue a career in health administration.

  1. Hands-on Experience
  2. Improve and Advance Health Care
  3. Job Security
  4. Give Back
  5. Great Earning Potential
  6. Flexible Opportunities
  7. Career Advancement
  8. Personal Growth
  9. Diverse Field
  10. Competitive Advantage
  11. Work Anywhere
  12. Hospitals Need You
  13. Impact the Future of Health Care
  14. Advancements in Patient Care
  15. Inspire Others
  16. Continue to Learn
  17. Reach Goals
  18. Recession Proof
  19. Educate the Community
  20. Learn New Skills
  21. Feel Fulfilled
  22. Affect Change on a Global Scale
  23. Aging Population
  24. Above-Average Salary
  25. Begin Working with a Bachelor’s Degree
  26. Collaborate with Health Professionals to Advance Health Care
  27. Interact with the Public in a New Manner
  28. Multiple Opportunities for Professional Growth
  29. Help Prevent Diseases
  30. Find Cures for Diseases
  31. Multiple Opportunities to Find Your Niche
  32. Create a Fiscally Responsible Organization
  33. Help Prevent Potential Terrorist Attacks
  34. Create Legislature to Advance Health Care
  35. Put Patients First
  36. Be a Decision Maker
  37. Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Industry
  38. Create a More Efficient Organization
  39. Use Your Interest in Health Care and Business
  40. Almost Guaranteed to Receive a Job
  41. Help Mitigate Risk
  42. Plan a New Direction
  43. Face Today’s Medical Issues Head-On
  44. Suggest Research Areas
  45. Oversee Research Projects
  46. Make Everything Run Smoothly
  47. Ensure all Rules and Regulations are Followed
  48. Bring out the Best in Employees
  49. Set the Example for Your Employees
  50. You Will Make Patients’ Lives Better

Heath administration offers graduates a variety of positions within the industry for people who are passionate about the business, people and health care side of administration. Very few positions grant employees the ability to make a positive change in the lives of people within their communities. Now, go out there and get those health administration degrees and change the world!

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