5 Tips for Finding a Job in Healthcare Administration

business teamFinding a Job in Healthcare Administration might appear to be a tough task.  While it is true that it is tough to get into healthcare management with little experience, it is definitely much more likely and probably if you follow these next 5 tips.  Remember, positions in Healthcare Administration are expected to grow by 22% over the next 10 years.  This equates to almost 70,000 more jobs in the industry.  Just follow these 5 tips and you will find yourself with a career in Healthcare Management in no time!

Tip #1: Research

One of the biggest things you can do to find Healthcare Administration Jobs is simply to do research.  Research means understanding the healthcare market in which you are hoping to gain a position.  Your goal should be to understand the number of hospitals, what they offer, and the overall competitive market.  In addition, attempt to understand any future growth plans these healthcare organizations might have.  Finally, know the executives and other managers throughout your area.  Not personally, but it is important to know of them.

Why?  You will need to do your research for a few different reasons.  First, it will surely help you gain knowledge when trying to understand the healthcare market in which you intend to find a job.  It is never a bad thing to learn about the market characteristics because healthcare can be quite complicated.  Second, if you are fortunate enough to talk with someone at a healthcare organization, you will have something to talk about.  Although you have done some quick research, it will appear that you know much more about the overall healthcare market.  Finally, by knowing who are the decision makers in your area, you will know who to try and contact.

Tip #2: Volunteer

Many students in college and graduate school wonder why they are unable to break into a Healthcare Administration Job.  The honest truth is that these jobs and careers can be a club at times.  However, one thing is true of all healthcare organizations; they are extremely busy!  Knowing this, attempt to contact some of those decision makers in Tip 1 and see if you can simply volunteer at the hospital in some capacity that will support your goal for a healthcare management job.

Often, volunteer positions can lead to actual job offers, especially if you are in graduate school.  Your goal should be to show your worth and highlight some of the skills you can bring to the organization.  Even if you are unable to gain a position purely out of volunteering, it will be an excellent networking tool to meet other decision makers in a given hospital system.  Contact HR and ask about any available volunteer positions or shadowing opportunities at the very least.

Tip #3: Education

Now, this website is here to discuss Healthcare Management Careers with a special focus on MHA Degree programs.  Therefore, these tips would be meaningless if you did not have the proper education.  We have already discussed Health Administration College Majors and How to Become a Health Administrator, so I will sum this up quickly.  First, you need to have graduated from high school.  This is an ABSOLUTE must.  Second, you will need to graduate from college.

Now, there are many Healthcare Managers with only a college degree, however it is much easier to break into the field if you have an MHA Degree.  I would advise you to search for different programs and perhaps pursue volunteer opportunities while you are pursuing this degree.  It will help you move up quickly and get in the door even faster.  Bottom line, education does matter in this field.

Tip #4: Lunch Time

One of the best tips I ever heard was simply e-mailing people in the industry and asking them out to lunch.  Do not ask for a job but ask them the following: “I was hoping to meet with you to discuss your experiences in the healthcare industry and any insights you might have.”  This sentence is completely about the person you are looking to meet rather than yourself.  You want this meeting to be a way to learn about the career rather than getting a job.  Trust me, this will help you not only learn but actually gain a connection.

To find people to have lunch with, I would see if any of your friends or family members know someone.  Start out by saying, “Greetings my name is John Smith and my friend, Shelly Stevens, had told me to contact you about your experiences in healthcare management.” This is simple because you have been introduced through someone else without actually being introduced.  I would suggest lunch with managers rather than executives due to them being extremely busy.

Tip #5: Community Events

One final tip, volunteer for area community events.  Why?  Well have you ever noticed how often area hospitals sponsor local community events?  It happens all the time.  These are perfect opportunities not only to give back to the community but also to network for a Healthcare Administration Job.  Look for any events on hospital websites and get involved.

This is a simply tip for you to actually network in a non-business setting with other healthcare employees.  Also, this shows a lot of initiative on your part.  Hopefully this post helps you in your search for Healthcare Administration Jobs.

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