100 Great Health Administration Professors and Leaders

Top 100 Health Administration ProfessorsHealthcare administration is one of the fastest growing career fields.  Professors and academic leaders play an important role in the development of students, alumni, colleagues, and healthcare as a whole.  Their achievements range from the impact on students to their impacts on the greater healthcare landscape.

Professors of healthcare administration and management help create policies, guidelines, and ideas in the field.  Therefore, because of the crucial role professors and academic leaders play in the overall landscape of our healthcare system, MHA Guide has developed the 2013 List of 100 Great Health Administration Professors and Leaders.

Hopefully this list will help others recognize the impact these professors have on all of us.  In particular, these professionals continue to strengthen students, alumni, and their own schools.  The criteria* for our 100 Great Health Administration Professors and Leaders was based on the personal achievements and leadership positions of these individuals as well as the reputation of their respective institutions.  Our list is in no particular order because all of these professors and academic leaders have a Great impact on their field and their institution.

MHA Guide lists are compiled and updated each year, so please feel free to nominate a professor or academic leader for next year’s list!

100 Great Health Administration Professors and Leaders



Rebecca Wells, Ph.D. Texas A&M University
Ted Joyce, Ph.D. CUNY – Baruch
Sonia Heywood, D.B.A. Columbia Southern
Kyle L. Grazier, Ph.D. University of Michigan–Ann Arbor
A. Ron Peterson, D.P.T. South University
Robert F. Coulam, Ph.D. Simmons College
Louis G. Rubino, Ph.D., FACHE California State – Northridge
Howard Greenwald, Ph.D. University of Southern California
Eric Wright, Ph.D. Indiana University
Judith Lee, DBA Golden Gate University
James W. Begun, Ph.D. University of Minnesota–Twin Cities
James J. Hoffman, Ph.D. Texas Tech University
Keith A. Schildt, Ph.D. University of La Verne
Andrew T. Sumner Georgia State University
Sheila A. Carlon, Ph.D., RHIA, CHPS, FAHIMA Regis University
Norbert Belz University of Kansas
P.J. Maddox George Mason University
Angela Mattie Quinnipiac University
Peggy Leatt, Ph.D. University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill
Jeffrey P. Harrison, Ph.D. University of North Florida
Dr. Rexford Santerre University of Connecticut
Patricia Danzon, Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Nancy Linenkugel Xavier University
Cynthia Conrad, Ph.D. University of New Haven
R. Paul Duncan, Ph.D. University of Florida
John W. Huppertz, Ph.D. Union College
Stanley Bazan, Ph.D. Western Connecticut State
Jeffrey H. Burkhardt, Ph.D. University of Alabama – Birmingham
Michael Thompson, MS, DrPH University of North Carolina – Charlotte
Ed Dismuke, M.D., M.S.P.H. University of Memphis
Errol Biggs, Ph.D. University of Colorado – Denver
Myron Fottler University of Central Florida
Clinton D. Robertson Wilmington University
Dolores G. Clement, Dr. P.H., FACHE Virginia Commonwealth University
Evelio Velis, MD, PhD Barry University
Dr. Ty Borders University of Kentucky
Chris Calkins, Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University
Rupert M. Evans, Sr., DHA, MPA, FACHE Governors State University
Joel Shalowitz, MD, MBA, FACP Northwestern University
Daniel J. West, Jr., Ph.D., B.S., M.Ed. University of Scranton
Abby Swanson Kazley Medical University of South Carolina
Steven G. Ullman, Ph.D. University of Miami
Mark L. Williams, Ph.D. Florida International University
Larry Kessler University of Washington
James A. Streater, Jr. Armstrong Atlantic State University
Patricia Cloonan Georgetown University
Steven E. Mattachione University of Oklahoma
David Ward Armstrong Atlantic State University
Peter W. Butler, MHSA Rush University
Dr. Thomas Mcllwain Clayton State University
Mark S. Roberts, M.D., MPP University of Pittsburgh
Paul A. Ferguson Georgia Southern University
Diane R. Bridges, MSN, RN, CCM Rosalind Franklin University
Keith Elder, PhD, MPH, MPA St. Louis University
Dr. Christopher Clott University of St. Francis
Dr. William B. Stroube University of Evansville
Kevin Valadares, Ph.D. University of Southern Indina
Jane Bertrand, Ph.D.
Tulane University
Dr. Aly Eisenhardt Marymount University
Andrea Sodano, Ph.D. Boston University
Carla Stebbins, Ph.D. Des Moines University
Robert K. Smoldt Arizona State University
Robert Harvey Friends University
Jack Militello University of St. Thomas
Ellen MacKenzie Johns Hopkins University
Gregory Ellis-Griffith, PhD, MPH Western Kentucky University
R.B. Drennan Temple University
John L. Fortenberry, Jr., MBA, PhD, PhD Louisiana State Shreveport
Lee W. Bewley, PhD, MHA, FACHE Baylor University
E. Jose Proence, Ph.D. Widener University
Michael Nowicki, MHA, EdD, FACHE, FHFMA Texas State University – San Marcos
Eduardo Simoes, MD, MSC, DLSHTM, MPH University of Missouri
Lee Revere, Ph.D. University of Houston – Clear Lake
Pierre Vigeurie Jr. University of Louisiana Lafayette
Thomas D’Aunno Columbia University
Dr. Edward A. Dolan Mount St. Mary’s
Elise Bolda University of Southern Maine
Ellen Schall New York University
Laura Wilson University of Maryland
Tony Sinay, Ph.D. California State University – Long Beach
Brooke Hollis Cornell University
Nancy M. Kane Harvard University
Robert E. Burke, Ph.D. George Washington University
Greg Cline Grand Valley State University
Andreas Muller, Ph.D. University of Arkansas
Thomas M. Wickizer, Ph.D. Ohio State University
Howard P. Forman Yale University
Dr. Gerald Goodman Texas Woman’s University
O. Matthew Adeyanju Ohio University
Mary E. Stefl, Ph.D. Trinity University
Joan Murdock, PhD, MHSA University of Cincinnati
Robert Seidman San Diego State University
Lori Thein Brody, PT, PhD, SCS, ATC Rocky Mountain Univerity
Frederick J. Zimmerman, Ph.D. University of California – Los Angeles
Wes Spradlin Marshall University
Joseph Coyne Washington State University
John Eber St. Xavier University
Thomas Vaughn, Ph.D. University of Iowa
Anne M. Hewitt, Ph.D. Seton Hall University
Michael Byrd, Ph.D. University of South Carolina


If there were any errors in the compilation of this list, please feel free to contact us.  Otherwise, we hope you enjoyed the 2013 list and please feel free to check out any of these excellent programs.

*Our list was compiled based off of choosing 100 programs that either offered MHA Degrees, or degrees with a specific focus on health administration and management.  We then looked to the leadership of each respective program.  The list includes Deans, Directors, and Directors of Institutes at their respective institutions, some of which may not be professors but rather academic leaders.  This is an opinion of this website.  If you wish to be taken off of the list, or if you wish for us to include a leader of your respective program, please feel free to contact us.

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