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About Health Administration Careers

MHA DegreeHealthcare Administration is one of the fastest growing high paying career fields right now.  For example, the Salary of a Hospital CEO can be in the hundreds of thousands and even millions in extremely large health systems.  Nevertheless, the current average salary of a healthcare administrator is almost $90,000 per year.  Although the rewards are high, these specialized positions require considerable effort on your part.  Health Services Administration Salary information is covered in our many posts and further down the page.  For now, what does a health administrator do?

A Healthcare Manager typically is in charge of running a hospital system or various hospital units.  However, you will see that many healthcare managers work in physician offices, government agencies, and even insurance companies.  Most of us think of healthcare in terms of nurses and physicians however a healthcare manager is the person who helps make sure these businesses can survive.  Many people forget that healthcare is a business and they need excellent managers to help them reach their goals.

Other healthcare managers work as Long Term Care Administrators and in Medical Office Management.  Truly, the career options are endless in this field as healthcare reaches across various industries such as life sciences, medical devices, government, insurance, and pharmaceuticals. From the beginning, many MHA graduates choose to pursue a health administration fellowship program which provides additional experience at the beginning of your career,

Health Administration Salaries and Outlook

As mentioned earlier, a Healthcare Manager can make on average nearly $90,000 per year.  However, it likely depends on your level of education and the type of organization you work for.  For example, a person with an MHA Degree might earn considerably more than someone with just a bachelor’s degree.  Also, managers that work in much larger hospital and healthcare system typically have larger salaries.

Medical Office Managers though can earn in excess of $100,000 per year depending on the size of the practice.  In these positions, the healthcare manager is responsible for the entire business end of the company.  This includes technology, human resources, accounting, reimbursement, and marketing.  These positions are extremely rewarding and above all there are many opportunities for a future career in healthcare administration.

In the next 10 years there will be a 22% increase in these positions, yielding almost 70,000 open positions!  Right now, hospitals are becoming larger and larger, requiring the expertise of healthcare managers.  In addition, physician offices are growing and becoming much more complex.  This will allow you to have many different job opportunities within the field of healthcare administration.

What Does a Healthcare Manager do?

Health Administration DegreeHere are a few of the job duties for healthcare managers.  Health Administration Job Description information differs depending on your duties, however this is a typical list.

  • Work to improve the delivery of healthcare services in hospitals and physician practices
  • Understand the laws and regulations impacting the delivery of healthcare
  • Supervise fellow managers within large hospital systems
  • Manage finances of healthcare organizations such as reimbursement and billing
  • Implement various work schedules for physicians, nurses, and employees
  • Manage the governing board or investors of your system or company
  • Maintain detailed records of patients, billing, and other confidential information
  • Communicate with members of the medical staff and department heads

As mentioned previously, the duties vary however these are some of the issues that every healthcare manager will face.  Healthcare is a growing field and it needs people to be able to make sure these facilities deliver the best care while still remaining profitable for future growth or investors.

What is the Work Environment Like?

Many healthcare managers work in hospitals and physician practices in executive roles; however this really depends on the organization.  For example, 39% of healthcare managers work in hospitals, 9% in physician offices, 7% in nursing care facilities, 6% in home healthcare companies, and 5% in outpatient facilities.  You can see that the work environment varies and that it could be in a corporate setting or a small medical practice.

Although many health administrators work in hospitals, there are many that work in other fields such as life sciences or in health insurance. If you attend an MHA degree program, you can have the credentials to work in various organizations. This is why the MHA is such a flexible degree. For example, with such a degree you can work as an executive at a large medical device company or a pharmaceutical company. For the most part, you will find that the work environment is in office settings though in those industries.

Getting Your MHA Degree

Typically to become a healthcare manager, a person needs at least a bachelor’s degree.  This degree can be in anything because ultimately experience matters the most in healthcare organizations.  For example, some hospital managers have degrees in history or even political science.  Above all, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required but an MHA Degree is desired.

However, an MHA Degree or Master’s of Healthcare Administration Degree, is what many high level hospital executives have.  These degree programs typically last between 1 and 3 years and provide you with the necessary knowledge to run large healthcare facilities and departments.  Some programs will allow you to specialize in hospital or nursing care as most states have certain regulations for individual types of healthcare organizations.

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